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On multiple occasions, we have encountered children who have lost their mom or dad due to illness or tragedy; lost siblings; have loved ones that are very ill; have families who have fallen on hardships; or whose mom or dad has been imprisoned; etc.  These children are usually the ones who are not participating in any enrichment/extracurricular program, but who need it the most.  We have taken it upon ourselves to provide scholarships for these children, so that if they wish to participate in a program, they will.  So far, we have provided enrichment opportunities for over 1300 children.

Word spreads easily and we found ourselves receiving phone calls from non-profit organizations asking us to conduct camps for the children they serve.  We have been blessed to work with many organizations including Sawyerville Day Camp, Children’s Harbor, Ronald McDonald Charities of Alabama, Jessie’s Place and Preschool Partners.  At this point, we had already identified the huge problem of children not being able to participate in enrichment programs that we, ourselves, credit for helping us throughout our own lifetimes.  We were only fortunate enough that our parents were able, or even made the sacrifices necessary, to keep us involved.

The goal of wish2enrich is to use monetary and voluntary donations so that we may provide enrichment program scholarships and our own programming to children who have fallen on hardships, therefore aiding them in developing positive lifestyle habits.  These programs typically range from $300 a year to over $1000 a year.  If you see as much benefit and potential in this program as we do, please give us an assist.


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